The Bundle Formula

The complete method for creating a profitable paid bundle to grow your list with targeted leads, build a rock-solid network of collaborators *and* affiliates and have your biggest launch yet.

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Sneak peek of what's inside Bundle Formula

Strategy + Planning Guidance
Learn how to craft a bundle that is a win-win-win: brings you the best leads, provides an incredible experience for customers, supports and delights your contributors, and is lucrative for you AND your contributors.
Complete Bundle Management System
No tape-and-glue, 'where did I save that spreadsheet?', disorganized host status necessary: you'll get a complete bundle management system you can import with one click to keep you organized and calm.
Automations for Everything
Nothing will slow you down faster than tedious data entry, manual trackers, fiddly forms, and hand-writing every update email to your contributors. We'll include detailed automation formulas and tutorials to save lots of time!
Page & Email Templates
There's a LOT of copy to write for a successful bundle launch, from a full sales page, promotional emails and social media posts to swipe copy, a contributor guide and plenty of emails for outreach, promo reminders, customer service and more. We'll have it all.
Page Design + Canva Templates
We'll provide full, ready to import, design templates for your waitlist, sales page and success page, your Thrivecart checkout, and your contributor guide and swipe assets pages. You'll also find a complete collection of Canva promo graphics to shout out your bundle.
Detailed Tech Tutorials
You need to have the basic knowledge of how to create a digital product (consider it a prereq.) but we'll teach you everything else: creating interactive and conditional forms, advanced automations, sales tracking, affiliate tech, countdown timers, and more.

What my past contributors are saying...

Thanks for all the work you did on the bundle - it was definitely one of the best organized ones we’ve participated in

Seriously the best bundle I've been part of... and I've been in a lot. Not being a kiss ass... I genuinely think this one was such a beautiful balance

Dama, you truly blew this out of the water (and I thought happily I had been in a nice one that took good care of affiliates…. yours was a HIGHER THAN HIGH bar!!)

Dama, you are simply the bundle queen! Your whole launch was just fantastic!!

Thank you SO MUCH Dama for putting this together!!! I've so enjoyed it and I'm lowkey sad it's over

This was so great Dama, the execution, the communication and the quality of inclusions! Brilliant 🎉

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By clicking to submit this form, you acknowledge  that the information you provide will be processed  in accordance with our Privacy Policy .